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Surah Hashr is the 59th chapter of the Holy Quran with a total of 24 verses. It is a Madni Surah which translates to English as ‘The Exile’. It comprises a total of 3 short rukus.

The main theme of Surah Hashr centers around the Taqwa and belief in Allah. It explains the power and superiority of Allah and rewards the believers who acquire His trust. You can easily find Surah Hashr PDF to read online, listen to, or download, from this website.

In addition, Surah Hashr explains how the Muslims defeated the Jews in the battle of Banu Nadir. It explains the power of trust in Allah. Besides this, the Surah Hashr’s last 3 ayats also keep their importance. These three ayahs explain the oneness of Allah and his superiority.

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Surah Hashr must be recited daily to attain maximum blessings. Not only attaining blessings, but this surah also protects believers from doing haram things. In addition, it is a key source for understanding the power of Allah and maintaining trust in Him, whatever the conditions are.

You can also read online Surah Hashr or listen to it from this website, and benefit from the wisdom that these verses hold.