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Surah Mulk is the sixty-seventh Surah of the Holy Quran. Surah Mulk was revealed in Mecca. Surah Al Mulk contains 30 verses. The prime theme of this surah is that “no individual can impose his will on another and Allah is the master of the whole universe and He has control over everything”.

The word Al Mulk means “Kingships”. Surah Mulk primarily states the greatness and sovereignty that belongs to Allah. The destruction of unbelievers and sinful people is also highlighted in this Surah. 

Hazrat Muhammad {P.B.U.H} said that

“Indeed there is a Surah in the Al-Quran of thirty Ayat, which intercedes for a man until he is forgiven. It is [Surah] Tabarak Alladhi Biyadihil-Mulk.” (Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidhi)

There are a lot of benefits to understanding and reciting Surah Mulk

Benefits of Listening to Surah Mulk:

  • Surah Al Mulk guards you in this life.
  • This Surah will also protect you in life hereafter.
  • It protects you from the torment of the grave.
  • The constant recitation of Surah Mulk helps a believer to come closer to Allah.

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The common FAQs about Surah Mulk are:

  • How to memorize Surah Mulk?

Focus on the meaning of words and try to memorize 3-4 Ayats daily. As it is a short Surah, you can easily memorize it in a week. You can also Surah Mulk read online from the attached Surah Mulk full PDF.

How many Ayats and Ruku in Surah Mulk?

Surah Mulk is located in the 29th para. It comprises 30 Ayats and 2 Rukus.

When to recite Surah Mulk?

Surah Mulk must be recited every night before going to bed as it protects a believer from the torments of the grave.