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Surah Rehman is one of the most important surahs of the Holy Quran comprising 78 verses and 3 rukus. It is the 55th chapter of the Holy Quran and is located in the 27th para. Surah Rehman is admired by Muslims worldwide for its profound teachings.

Surah Ar Rahman is also known as the bride of the Holy Quran. It is believed to have been revealed in Makkah, before the migration of the Holy Prophet (SAW) to Madina. You can easily find Surah Rehman PDF to read online, listen to, or download, from this website.

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The main idea of Surah Rehman is about Allah’s endless mercy. It shows how much Allah loves and cares for all of us. It reminds us to be thankful for His kindness. This makes us think about how much Allah does for us and encourages us to be thankful for everything He gives. It’s like a big reminder to appreciate Allah’s kindness and be grateful for all the good things in our lives.

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Colour Coded Tajweed Rules



Ikhfa Meem Saakin




Idghaam Meem Saakin

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Various events have highlighted the importance of reciting Surah Rehman.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said,

“Everything has a bride, and the bride of the Quran is Surah Rehman.”

This Hadith highlights the importance and beauty of Surah Rehman. It signifies the importance of seeking Allah’s pleasure through the recitation of this chapter.

Thus, as you read online Surah Rehman or listen to it, benefit from the wisdom that these verses hold.