17 Easy To Memorize Short Surahs from Quran Al Kareem

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, is a divine guide that encompasses various aspects of life. Among its profound verses, there are 17 short Surahs that hold a special significance in Islamic practice. These Surahs, ranging from Surah Fatiha to Surah Mulk, not only bear spiritual significance but are also known for their brevity, making them easily memorizable and perfect for recitation during Salah.

  1. Surah Fatiha:

Known as the opening chapter of the Quran, Surah Fatiha is recited in every unit of Salah (prayer). Comprising only seven verses, it holds the essence of seeking guidance, mercy, and the path of righteousness from Allah.

  1. Surah Ikhlas:

Surah Ikhlas, with its emphasis on the oneness of Allah, is a concise declaration of monotheism. Comprising only four verses, its simplicity makes it a favorite for those seeking to deepen their connection with the Almighty.

  1. Surah Falaq:

Surah Falaq, a brief chapter with five verses, seeks refuge from the evil of creation and the darkness that envelops it. Its eloquent verses provide solace and protection from unseen harms.

  1. Surah Nas:

Surah Nas, consisting of six verses, is a supplication for seeking refuge in Allah from the whispers of the devil and the harm that may come from mankind. Its straightforward language and short length make it an ideal candidate for memorization.

  1. Surah Kausar:

Surah Kausar, with its three short verses, celebrates the abundance of blessings bestowed by Allah upon Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Its brevity makes it an easy addition to one’s memorization journey.

  1. Surah Maun:

Surah Maun, a three-verse chapter, emphasizes the importance of small acts of kindness and the neglect of those in need. Its concise message is a reminder to incorporate compassion into daily life.

  1. Surah Qadr:

With its five verses, Surah Qadr speaks of the significance of the Night of Decree during the month of Ramadan. Memorizing this Surah is an excellent way to enrich one’s nightly prayers during this blessed month.

  1. Surah Asr:

Surah Asr, consisting of three verses, serves as a profound reminder of the value of time. Its brevity allows for easy memorization, making it a suitable addition to one’s daily prayers.

  1. Surah Adiyat:

Surah Adiyat, with its 11 verses, vividly describes the power and speed of charging horses as a metaphor for human behavior. Its unique imagery makes it memorable, and its length allows for swift memorization.

  1. Surah Zilzal:

Surah Zilzal, comprising eight verses, describes the catastrophic events on the Day of Judgment. Its powerful verses encourage reflection and mindfulness, and its shorter length facilitates easy memorization.

  1. Surah Kafiroon:

With only six verses, Surah Kafiroon succinctly addresses the rejection of polytheism and the affirmation of Islamic monotheism. Its brevity and straightforward message make it a suitable candidate for memorization.

  1. Surah Nasr:

Surah Nasr, consisting of three verses, celebrates the victory and help of Allah. Its short length makes it accessible for memorization and a meaningful addition to daily prayers.

  1. Surah Humazah:

Surah Humazah, with its nine verses, condemns backbiting and slander. Its concise yet impactful verses encourage introspection and promote virtuous behavior.

  1. Surah Fil:

Surah Fil, with its five verses, narrates the miraculous event of the destruction of the army of elephants sent to destroy the Kaaba. Its historical context and brevity make it an engaging chapter to memorize.

  1. Surah Qariah:

Surah Qariah, comprising 11 verses, vividly describes the Day of Judgment and the consequences of individuals’ deeds. Its length is moderate, allowing for a deeper understanding during the memorization process.

  1. Surah Takasur:

Surah Takasur, with its eight verses, highlights the futility of worldly pursuits and the consequences of neglecting the hereafter. Its concise message encourages contemplation and is suitable for memorization.

  1. Surah Mulk:

The final short Surah on our list, Surah Mulk, consists of 30 verses. While relatively longer than the others, its profound verses about the sovereignty of Allah and the consequences of disbelief make it a valuable addition to one’s memorization repertoire.



In the journey of spiritual growth and connection with the divine, the memorization of these 17 short Surahs holds immense significance. Their brevity not only facilitates easy memorization but also serves as a reminder of the concise yet profound messages encapsulated in the Quran. As individuals embark on the noble quest of committing these verses to memory, they enrich their Salah experiences and deepen their understanding of the wisdom embedded in the holy book of Islam.

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